30.4.2022 | Saturday 10:30


Taste from Nata

Cooking can be fun, fast and cheap! You will be convinced by the well-known food blogger, nutritionist and food lover Naty Žúreková Štefková👩🏼‍🍳 It will prepare two dishes directly in our “fresh market” kitchen, which you will of course also be able to taste.😋

🕚11:00 ŠOŠOVICOVÝ DHAL – a simple, undemanding, very tasty and nutritious food. It will not only entertain the taste buds, but will also bring a bit of exoticism to our traditional tastes. Tastes small and large.
🕛12:00 VEGETABLE FISHERS IN THE CRIN FROM QUINOY – a grateful meal that sows without a sense of harvest. It is often a salvage to cook when “we have nothing”. In addition, its nutritional value is high. Despite the vegetable composition, carnivores also enjoy it. Bon appetite! 🍽😋